What is Ray Magic?
ray|magic, is a new prefabricated radiant panel suitable for ceiling, wall or floor dry installation. Its main peculiarity consists in containing in itself the supply line and the panels connection system, thus avoiding any sort of service surface external to the panels. Thanks to the high surface ratio 'net/gross radiant area', approximately equal to the 84% – ray|magic allows to achieve a greater radiant power on equal terms of working surface, leaving in this way more free space for further optional facilities and/or architectural elements. Key element of this panel is its circuit logic – with the sliding inner supply lines provided with three-connections terminal joints – which gives the possibility to connect the panels through a click-in system or to cut the panels into smaller modules of different shapes and dimensions, or yet to position the panels randomly at different distances. The finishing surface – factory pre-assembled and laser treated in order to point out the hydraulic circuits – is realized by means of plasterboard slabs or fibrated plasterboard slabs when floor embedded. The standard slab is 12,5 mm. thick, white coloured, with an increased density of 10,2 Kgs./sqm and glass fibre reinforced. In order to cover a total gross radiant surface of 23 sqm., up to 8 panels can be interconnected for each circuit.

The ray | magic circuital system is revolutionary!
It satisfies the followings functions:
• the thermal exchange;
• the feeding of the panels;
• the connection among the panels;
• the system self-balancing;
• the modularity.
All of the above are accomplished by the same panel, without external accessories and appendices. The hydraulic circuit consists of the sliding inner supply lines and the coils of exchange contained in the preformed insulating panels made of foam polystyrene with aluminum exchangers.


The panel before the assembly of the finishing slab. It shows clearly the net radiant surface composed of the aluminum exchangers with the coils incorporated and the preformed insulating containment panel.
A cable through of dim. 28 x 20 is drawn along the central axle of the polystyrene allowing the passage of the electric cables.

The coils pass under the supply lines. The extremities of the inner supply lines feed the two symmetrical coils of exchange. The inner supply lines don't have a privileged verse for the going and the return, thus making the connection procedure very simplified. Each coil is connected on both sides of the supply line passing under them in the central zone of the panel. In this way, when connecting more panels together, the supply lines are in series while the coils remain in parallel. The result is a balanced circulation and de-aeration. Up to eight panels can be interconnected without sensible variations in the capacity and performances of the coils.


What is Ray Magic
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