Radiant Ceiling Heating
and Cooling System

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Extremely easy to install, as simple as hanging drywall
Attach directly to joists or metal dropped ceiling

Designed for American construction and dimensions

ray | magic is extremely easy to install, as simple as hanging drywall.
It is installed directly to the framing in much the same way as traditional drywall, in 6 easy steps.

  1. Lifting and positioning the panel
  2. Hanging the panel to the ceiling joists (if needed can be cut in sub-modules with a drywall knife) using drywall fastening screws. With the piping footprint and the fastening template laser engraved on the drywall face, you will never hit a pipe!
  3. Connecting panels together using the snap-in coupling. To favor this operation the drywall layer has a semi-circle opening in the fitting area
  4. Fastening the semi-circle cut out (that is provided with the panel), to cover the fitting
    area and be ready for taping
  5. Taping and mudding like standard drywallPainting.
  6. Paint as standard drywall

ray | magic can be installed on ceilings and walls, on a 16" and 24" o.c. framing with drywall screws.

Because of its high efficiency, usually only 50-70% of the ceiling surface needs to be covered. For the remaining area 4x8 ft blank panels (EPS and drywall sandwich panel) are available to match the thickness of the ray | magic panel and provide a complete sound proofing system.

Blank panels can also be installed to accommodate recessed lights. Pendant lights can be installed drilling a hole for the electric cord directly through the ray | magic panel.

The messana ray | magic panel system is an effective way of reducing labour costs compared to both forced air and radiant floor systems.
Its installation is simple and straight: the job is done in no time at all and it is completely safe.

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