Radiant Ceiling Heating
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The Radiant Drywall
ray | magic is a prefabricated sandwich panel assembly consisting of a 1½" thick EPS board and a gypsum panel glued together. In between the two, over the pre-formed EPS board are laid down aluminum heat transfer plates with specially shaped channels. Pressed into these channels are two symmetrical radiant tubing circuits laid out in a serpentine pattern (61ft long). Each tubing circuit is connected in parallel to 5/8" Pex-Al-Pex return and supply lines that run along the length of the panel.

Clever Layout
The connections of the serpentine tubing are made at the two opposite terminal fittings of the backbone lines with a three-way coupling adapter. The result is a system with balanced circulation and easy air removal. Because of its symmetry, ray | magic can be connected at either end and in series, simplifying the installation process.

One 4' x 8' panel, four possible sizes
ray | magic panel can be cut in half, lengthwise and widthwise, into sub-panels to better cover smaller areas and fulfill almost any building requirement. Cutting the panel is as simple as cutting drywall.

full panel (4x8 ft) 1/2 panel lengthwise
cut (2x8 ft)
1/2 panel widthwise
cut (4x4 ft)
1/4 panel (2x4 ft)

What is Ray Magic
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The Radiant Drywall
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