Radiant Ceiling Heating
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New construction

ray | magic is the ideal solution for a wide variety of construction sectors, including residential, commercial, public, healthcare and education.
ray | magic system is energy efficient, helping to meet energy conservation building regulations and increasing occupant comfort. As radiant ceiling systems reduce ducting sizes to what is required for ventilation only, an extra story of building can be added for every 10 stories without increasing the overall height of the building.

messana air | ray conditioning system will save clients money every month. Lower energy costs and greater occupant comfort add resale value to the building.

ray | magic is very suitable for custom residential homes. Homes where both the invisibility of the ray | magic system is appreciated and the superior comfort in both cooling and heating modes.

ray | magic eliminates the age old compromises of locating ducting throughout a homes without compromising the design or the need to install ductless forced air systems without the comfort of ray | magic.

With ray | magic even the awkward design accommodations of radiant floor heating such a thermal mass, extra insulation, flooring goods and floor height are removed with ray | magic. It's in the ceiling.

Individually metered, super efficient all electric multi-family solutions

Messana is the invisible solution that that can be matched with air-to-water heat pumps that provide warm water, cool water and domestic hot water. The perfect match for a super efficient all electric multifamily solution. Individual metering with no gas supply required to the building. Just add code required exhaust ventilation or dehumidification and you are set.

ray | magic may also integrate with conventional central boiler/chiller mechanical systems for large scale projects.

Without soffits, air handlers, baseboard or other intrusions.


Excellent for Retrofit

Since all connections for the ray | magic panel are made from the bottom, panels can be secured to existing dry wall or places between beams. Distribution piping can fit within the panel profile or be run through soffits.

Now hydronic retrofit projects can be less expensive, less intrusive and provide the opportunity for cooling and heating in an existing home. No need to build up the floor height, install inefficient under floor systems or find space for intrusive radiators.

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