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"ray conditioning" the new era of climate control in America

The mission of messana air | ray conditioning is to make a significant contribution to the new concept of thermal comfort based upon hard science and common sense.

In the air conditioning era, our concept of comfort has been distorted to perceive well-being as "the pleasant" feeling of cold air or warm air, typical sensation of traditional forced air systems. In the new ray conditioning era, comfort is a perfect balance of heat exchange between our body and the surrounding environment.

Indoor climate control is based upon active radiant surfaces and the thermal exchange is carried mainly by radiation: infrared radiation from the radiant panels (radiant heating) toward your body and heat radiation from your body toward the radiant ceiling panels (radiant cooling).

Ray conditioning is a hybrid radiant heating and cooling technology:
Radiant cooling: the radiant ceiling drywall acts as a heat exchanger between the room and the cold water running through the panels. The ceiling absorbs heat from heat sources in a room
and exchanges it with the chilled water circulating in the panels. The chilled water is then delivered to a chiller or heat pump and re-cooled.
Radiant heating: the warm surface of the radiant panels provide heat to the room by means of warm water flowing through the tubes in the panel.

Attractive first cost

Residential installation cost with an experienced contractor is generally less expensive than radiant floor heating matched with forced air cooling. Also operation and maintenance expenses are significantly reduced since there are no moving parts and filters.

ray | magic is generally directly competitive with multi zone Variable Volume Refrigerant systems and multi zoned forced air systems with soffited ducting.

Commercially, ray | magic is typically significantly less costly than metal ceiling cooling systems and directly competitive with chilled beam systems.

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