Radiant Ceiling Heating
and Cooling System

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ray | magic is green under any aspect

ray | magic ceiling panels are remarkably advantageous compared to other heating and cooling systems, setting them apart as superior to any other climate control system.

Radiant floor heating is the cousin of ray | magic. It provides radiant heat however there are several shortcoming in using the floor listed below.

Fundamentally, the most effective and comfortable location for radiant heating is the ceiling. The system "sees" all the objects on the room, including the floor,for a more balanced distribution of heat, uses space more efficiently and is more energy efficient.

Another prime limitation for floor heating is the need to add a separate cooling system which creates cost, control and space difficulties.

  • Floor heating generates slow response time due to flooring goods and the thermal mass
  • Floor heating is less efficient; requires higher water temperatures
  • Floor heating does not provide effective cooling
  • Furniture, cabinets etc block effective radiation
  • Radiant floor heating performance is powerfully effected by flooring
    goods changes
  • Floor heating can provide comfort challenges by overheating the feet at the expense of the rest of the body.

ray | magic radiant systems are typically installed on the ceiling directly to the framing (and walls, if needed), leaving the floor of the job site completely free of pipes. This way, pipes are at reduced risk from damage throughout the construction.
ray | magic dry installation technology speeds up and improves the over-all installation of the radiant surface and combine heating and ceiling drywall in one.

  • ray | magic provides the most comfortable and unobtrusive cooling available
  • ray | magic is more efficient than radiant floor radiant systems
  • ray | magic is very easy to install. Is a complete system.
  • ray | magic responds as quickly as forced air
  • ray | magic can easily be applied to retrofit and remodeling projects.
  • ray | magic covers only 50% to 65% of the ceiling surface
  • ray | magic costs about the same as a typical radiant floor system to install and less than a separate radiant floor and zoned and soffited forced air system.
  • ray | magic provides a Performance Guarantee program.

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