Radiant Ceiling Heating
and Cooling System

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Obviously a radiant floor panel system needs to be installed before the flooring. Because the Pex tubing is typically laid down right after the installation of the panels, it is very possible to incur in tubing damage. The newly installed radiant floor has to hold up many other building processes and extra care in the construction site is required.
Some radiant panel manufacturers suggest temporarily covering the floor with mesonite panels or thin plywood, to protect it from spillage, debris and heavy foot traffic throughout construction.

  • Radiant floor requires more complex panel layout
  • Radiant tubing needs to be laid down
  • Radiant floor has to hold up during different construction phases
  • Tubing gets damaged during construction
  • Temporary cover of the radiant floor during construction is recommended
  • In the construction phases, radiant floor installation occurs at the wrong time, interfering with other critical work and delaying the schedule

Working in a building site with floors covered by pipes that limit movement and delay work is not cost effective.

ray | magic radiant systems are typically installed on the ceiling directly to the framing (and walls, if needed), leaving the floor of the job site completely free of pipes. This way, pipes are at reduced risk from damage throughout the construction.
ray | magic dry installation technology speeds up and improves the over-all installation of the radiant surface and combine heating and ceiling drywall in one.

  • Easy to plan and design
  • Fast and simple installation
  • Radiant tubing is integrated in the panel
  • Floor free of pipes, clean job site
  • ray | magic is the drywall!
  • Each panel can be cut in smaller modules of different sizes to cover
    all kinds of building needs
  • One source for the complete air-ray conditioning system

This is an obvious advantage for cost and time savings, and the job site is clean and tidy.

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