Radiant Ceiling Heating
and Cooling System

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The Complete System

Ray Magic offers a crucial distinction for success…a complete system. It is imperative that the ceiling panels, the sensors, the controls, dehumidification and ventilation all work in concert to achieve ideal comfort and avoid costly mistakes.

sense | magic,
the thermostat and humidistat combo

sense | magic is an advanced thermostat and humidistat device equipped with two class A (±0.25° F) PT100 sensors to constantly monitor both temperature and humidity of the room.

  • Fully programmable
  • LCD display with touchscreen interaction
    or dial analog models
  • Communicates to control | magic via
    TCP/IP protocol

sense | magic comes with Axolute BTicino wall plate in a very attractive design, with many different colors and materials to choose from.

control | magic,
the brain of the system

Peace of mind is also important when it comes to comfort and control | magic electronic control unit goes one step beyond in this regard as well, because it is Ethernet, because it is powerful, because it is attractive and because it is based on the most sophisticated and highly tested control logic of air-ray conditioning.

control | magic is powered by a high performance processor to run complex comfort algorithm and is equipped with two Ethernet controllers (one for a private local network where all the other modules of the air | ray conditioning system are connected and one for a local LAN/internet to allow remote access).

control | magic offers simple and convenient zoning of space as well as simple effective occupant control.

air | magic, the air treatment units*

air | magic is a line of air treatment units specifically designed for ray conditioning.
High indoor air quality is the right level of humidity, cleanliness and neutral temperature without unpleasant drafts of air. The aesthetic and acoustic impact is extremely low, while offering energy savings that are unimaginable with a traditional air system.

*At the moment air | magic is only available with CE marking. Visit www.messana.it for other lines of products we offer to European market.

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