Radiant Ceiling Heating
and Cooling System

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Four easy steps to connect two panels with the coupling | magic
Install two ray | magic panels together aligning their return and supply line fittings
Slide out the return and supply lines to allow the positioning of the snap-in coupling
Insert the snap-in coupling between the two fittings
On both fittings snap in the coupling until it clicks

A revolutionary connection system - tested 10 million times to 150 psi

ray | magic features a revolutionary connection system (patent pending), that makes the installation of the radiant ceiling quick and simple.
The return and supply pipes are terminated, on both sides of the panel, with a snap-in fitting and are free to slide in and out approximately one inch. This allows the snap-in adaptor to be insert and eases the connection between two panels.

The messana air | ray conditioning connection system is based on a quick connect joining technology to make the plumbing of the radiant system simple, fast and cost effective.
We developed a complete pipeline system based on two different fitting technologies:

  • snap-in (detachable joint, with push-button disconnect)
  • fit-in (permanent joint)

messana air | ray conditioning fittings, insulated 5/8" Pex-Al-Pex pipes (for the connection of the panels to the manifold) and the engineered plastic manifolds are all you need for the plumbing job. Pex-Al-Pex cutter and chamfering tool are the only tools required.

  • Pre-insulated engineered plastic manifolds
  • A complete range of fittings to make your plumbing job easier
  • Pre-insulated Pex-Al-Pex pipes
  • 100% leakproof installations, every time
  • Dual o-ring sealing to provide a durable, high performance coupling
  • No tools are required
  • Easy to do-it-yourself

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