Radiant Ceiling Heating
and Cooling System

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Complete Layout Support

ray | magic offers Architects, Engineers and Contractors support in laying out projects and design review through their staff in the United States backed by the more extensive staff of mechical, radiant and controls engineers in Europe. The ray | magic Performance Guarantee is available for projects which follow all the design and installtion guidelines of the program. Ask for a Performance Guarantee application form.

Layout Considerations
ray | magic ceiling panels can be arranged end to end up to 8 panels (64') with two connections and also cut into 4 different sizes in the field. As a typical cooling project may employ between 40 to 70% of a room surface area, gaps can be planned in the layout to accomidate lighting and sprinkers. Ceiling panels are provided as active panels and blank, lower cost, panels to match the depth of the panels throughout the project.

What is Ray Magic
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Understanding Comfort
Green Solution to Forced Air
Green Your Home
Construction Benefits
The Radiant Drywall
Easy To Install
Technical Specifications and Performance
Increased R-Value and Better Sound Insulation
Complete Layout Support
The House That Breathes
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Radiant Architecture

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