Radiant Ceiling Heating
and Cooling System

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Increased R-Value and Better Sound Insulation

The EPS insulation prevents back loss and the panel does not require additional insulation, however added insulation between the ceiling joists increases the overall system performance.
1½" EPS board, added to the interior side of the framing, allows for better control of interior environment: maximized insulation (R-value 6.5) and minimized sound transmission. With a STC sound rating of 40, ray | magic panel itself provides more sound insulation than a 4" exterior wall which provides only a 34 STC sound rating (wood framing with fiberglass batt insulation).
When installed, ray | magic panels can be sealed together using polyurethane spray along the expanded polystyrene edges to create an airtight seal. This helps to maintain a low leakage envelope and high indoor air quality.
EPS is also resistant to insects, including termites, is stable and retains its physical proprieties over time. EPS is 100% recyclable.

ray | magic EPS board is Class A fire rated (ASTM E84).

Optimum use of space
No ducting, no soffits because the ray | magic active gypsum panels use only 40 to 70% of the ceiling surface area, plenty of room is left for lighting, sprinklers and other trades. Less expensive "blank" panels are provided to match the ray | magic active panels.

Over joists or between beams…your choice
ray | magic is available in 4' x 8' boards for standard wood frame or dropped ceiling installation or the special beam product that can be easily cut to match the space between beams.

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Increased R-Value and Better Sound Insulation
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