Air-to-Water Heat Pump

Finally, A Complete Hydronic Package

So often in the past, clients who have wanted the comfort and efficiency of radiant heating have settled for forced air because they also wanted air conditioning. Other times the homeowner would agree to incorporate completely separate, and expensive, ducted air conditioning and radiant floor systems complete with coordination and control issues. Now a single contractor can provide a complete and integrated hydronic heating, cooling and domestic hot water system at a reasonable cost.

Extraordinary Performance:
Altherma can deliver over 4 times the usable heat of each KW of electric energy supplied, in essence reducing the cost of each KW used by 75%.

New to America, but not New:
As the worldwide leader in heat pump technology, Daikin has developed and sells over one billion dollars of Altherma units throughout Europe annually. The Altherma is now in North America ready to fill a significant need for ultra high efficiency hydronic heat pumps.

Cost Effective Operation: All Electric Homes
Electric resistance heated homes in California have all but disappeared due to Title 24and the high cost of electricity. Altherma now helps new homes meet the new, stringent Title 24 standards, achieve Net Zero Energy and reduce annual electric heating/cooling/hot water costs dramatically. Altherma is FAR LESS to operate than Propane and comparable to Natural Gas.

Inverter Technology
The Altherma Daikins’ modulating Inverter compressor helps provide additional low ambient efficiencies with an air source while eliminating expensive storage tanks and pumps associated with conventional on/off geothermal heat pump systems.

Altherma and Geothermal:

Altherma can provide efficiencies comparable to a geothermal heat pump (3.5 to 4.3 COP) in California below 3,500’ altitude at 1/2 the installed cost of a geothermal system. The economics are simple...Geothermal heat pumps use expensive ground loops while Altherma uses outside air.

Net Zero Energy

Net Zero Energy is the objective of a building producing as much energy as it uses. Altherma flls a missing link in making Net Zero Energy homes cost effective due to the fact that Altherma produces ultra high effciency electric power for heating, cooling and domestic hot water. The Altherma Inverter technology is load compatible with solar electric systems, thus further lowering the number of solar electric modules required to meet Net Zero Energy and Zero Site Carbon Emissions.To visit the Net Zero Energy web site (www.netzeroenergycertified.com): click here

A Green Machine: Lower CO2 Emissions

Altherma produces no direct CO2 emissions, so you personally contribute to a better environment. The pump does use electricity, but even without renewable electricity the CO2 emissions are still much lower than boilers that use fossil fuels.

The Perfect Match for Solar Electric

The Altherma modulating Inverter compressor provides a load profile that reduces the amount of solar electric panels to meet home heating, cooling and domestic hot water needs

Domestic Hot Water

An Altherma system can provide an indirect hot water tank that incorporates into the system easily and can provide plenty of storage. However, the Altherma provides the system recovery of an electric water heater so designers must consider the home load profles carefully. Supplemental storage or a solar hot water heater in large homes that will increase the homes hot water capacity.

Solar Hot Water Integration

The Altherma system offers easy integration of solar hot water. New homes in California must exceed Title 24 by 15% in order to receive important California rebates for solar electric systems. Solar hot water receives very generous Title 24 credit however solar electric receives no Title 24 credit. Thus, with ever more stringent Title 24 requirements going into effect January 1, 2010, the generous credit afforded solar hot water will become an even more important compliance tool.

Hydronic Space Heating

The Altherma generates a maximum of 122F , so it is ideal for radiant foor heating systems, large panel radiators and low temperature air handlers that we provide. For radiant heating designs it is recommended to use a highly responsive board thermal mass for best results and take care with insulation and fooring goods resistance factors. Outdoor Reset control functions are included with the Altherma.

Chilled Water Cooling

While there are a number of possible radiant cooling options available that can incorporate the 45F+ water temperatures supplied by the Altherma, we have chosen to provide a choice of very quiet air handlers that are matched for either ducted, miniducted or non- ducted convector cooling/heating applications. These small air handlers and convectors can be used for only chilled water cooling matched with radiant heating or as stand-alone zoned heating and cooling distribution.

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